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Ivory Birdcage Veil – With Flowers Or Feathers?


Birdcage VeilA birdcage veil creates a dramatic and sassy wedding day look. Its delicate netted veil falls slightly below the eye, nose, or mouth depending on its design and veil styles. Popularly featured with oversized embellishments such as flowers or feathers, read on to help you decide which one should you choose to wear on your birdcage wedding veil?

The first rule of choosing a flower or feather feature on your bridal birdcage veil is to look at the design element and embellishments that are on your wedding dress.

If your wedding gown has a sleek and dramatic silhouette, opt for a bold feather on a birdcage veil. Fit and flare silhouettes like mermaid and trumpet styles will complement the dramatic features and curves the dress creates.

If your wedding gown has a more relaxed and flowing silhouette, opt for a feminine flower. Non-clingy silhouettes like A-line, empire waist, sheath, and princess styles will enhance the female form subtly and complement a feminine flower birdcage veil.

The intricate detailing on your dress also needs to be taken into consideration when wearing birdcage wedding veils that feature flowers or feathers.

If you gown has swirls, rounded or curved lines, a whimsical print, pearl beading, or lace elements, choose a feather for your birdcage veil. If your gown already has flower embellishments in the form of sequins, beads, pearls, or appliques, choose a flower for your birdcage style veil.

Another factor to consider when choosing between flowers or feathers is the overall style of the dress. Modern dress designs look fashion forward with a feather on the short veil; and flowers complement a vintage wedding dress, especially a dress adorned in lace or that has full length lace sleeves.

Dress color and tone also plays a role in the flower versus feather veil embellishment. Dresses that have a bold and dramatic appeal, like a white gown with a black sash or a silver wedding gown needs a bold and dramatic accessory like a feather. Dresses that are ivory, off-white, or champagne and boast a more traditional appeal needs a flower.

A birdcage veil is a unique accessory that can complement your wedding day look by adding a bold accessory like a feather, or a soft and feminine embellishment like a flower.

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