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Flower Girl Dresses

Ivory Flower Girl Dresses – With Sash, Flowers or Lace?

Ivory flower girl dresses are meant to mimic the bride on her big day. These miniature looking brides have many options when dressing up their ensemble. They can choose between sashes, flowers, lace embellishments, and even sparkly accessories. Choosing one for these champagne flower girl dresses keeps the dress classy, simple, and sweet for a little lady, so how do you choose just one?

Choosing an embellishment means considering the cut, style, and silhouette of the ivory flower girl dress you have selected.

Vintage flower girl dresses are very popular pieces to be worn in modern weddings. The vintage theme is currently very trendy and lace plays a large role in the look. Brides to be are sporting lace gowns that feature sleeves, open backs, light tones, and body hugging silhouettes. So if you wish for your flower girl to complement a vintage theme, opt to incorporate lace onto these ivory flower girl dresses.

Princess flower girl dresses are also a very popular style and silhouette for little girls to wear in weddings. A cinched waist and tons of tulle make the bottoms of the dress flare out, creating a princess look and feel. Since the dress already cinches at the waist, opt for a sash as an accessory to highlight this dreamy dress feature. Sashes can be purchased in a variety of colors, serving as an accent to give a pop of style and appeal to a dress; or can be worn to match the bridal party’s color scheme. Sashes unify an overall look and really are the only major dress embellishment you need on a princess style flower girl dress since the dress itself is large and elaborate.

Plain ivory flower girl dresses cut in an A-line silhouette can use some glitz and glamour. Adorning the dress with sparkly flower appliques or a necklace full of jewels can instantly make a plain dress fabulous. Fresh flowers worn in the hair or dazzling barrettes also dresses up a casual flower girl’s dress.

If you are opting to have a flower girl in your wedding, there are many ways to accessorize ivory flower girl dresses. Taking the dress’ style and silhouette into consideration will help you decide between a sash, flower, or lace embellishment.

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