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Ivory Veil With Beading or Scalloped Edge For a Vintage Look?

By December 13, 2012No Comments

 Ivory VeilIf you choose to have your special day as vintage themed, you are certainly in the majority of fashion- savvy brides. Vintage inspired events are very trendy nowadays allowing you to put together creative and chic looks. One must have item of a vintage inspired bride is an ivory veil. Which embellishment on these vintage wedding veils is most appropriate for vintage looks-beading or scalloped edges? Read on to find out how you can choose the best ivory veil to complete your vintage inspired ensemble and personal taste.

If you choose to wear a mantilla veil, opt for one with scalloped edges. Usually lined with lace and also known as a Spanish veil, the rounded edges lay flat on the sides of your face creating a perfect frame for it. This ivory veil looks truly vintage when worn in a floor length style and with loose cork screw curls. Veils with scalloped edges create a truly traditional wedding day look, so it is your best design element if you have classic taste.

If you choose to wear a drop veil, opt for one with beading. Be sure to choose a veil that boasts pearls among the tiny beads to complement any kind of beadwork on your wedding gown. Many vintage wedding dresses are lined with pearls and lace, so an ivory veil with beads will complement your antiquated wedding theme. Veils with beading create a more modern wedding day look, so it is your best design element if you have more modern taste.

Bridal fascinators with veils are also another vintage looking accessory to wear in your hair. Many netted veils are ivory, short, and also embellished with feathers, flowers, or beads; especially pearls. They were most popularly worn in the 1950’s and 1960’s but are back in a big way. Many modern brides are deeming them as the must have veil because they put the finishing touches on vintage inspired dresses. These netted and bead embellished veils are your best design element if you have a taste for trends.

When it comes to choosing an ivory veil, take the embellishments on your dress into consideration and decide if lace scalloped edges or beading will look most complementary with your hairstyle and personality overall.

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