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Jewish Proper Black Tie Wedding Attire For Men – Do`s And Don`ts

By December 15, 2012No Comments

Black Tie Wedding AttireIf you are going to be a guest at a Jewish marriage celebration that is considered to be a black tie event, there is specific black tie wedding attire that needs to be worn and addressed. What are the best wedding tuxedo styles to wear? What color ties, shoes, and accents work best? How can you wear black tie wedding attire during hot summer months? Read on to learn about the essential do’s and don’ts for a proper Jewish black tie wedding affair for men.


1. Consider a wedding tuxedo rental for this special occasion. Purchasing a formal tuxedo can be costly during fragile times with the economy. While you want to look your best and adhere to a black tie requested dress code, renting a tux is a great financial decision.

2. Wear classic tuxedo bow ties. A classic bow tie is featured in basic black. This bow tie can be worn during any season and with any kind of tuxedo shirt and jacket.

3. Wear a double breasted tuxedo. While many men are putting their own modern spins on the classic and traditional black tux; a double breasted tux is always a safe bet for a Jewish black tie wedding.

4. Play it safe when wearing shoes to complete your black tie wedding attire look for a Jewish celebration of union. Basic black shoes are elegant and can be worn in a patent, shiny style for men who have to add a touch of their own style and personality into the outfit.


1. Avoid wearing any kind of colored tux to a proper Jewish black tie wedding. You may be viewed as taking the nuptials not seriously and can be viewed as disrespectful by the couple and couple’s family if instructed to wear black tie attire.

2. Wear any kind of Jewish accessories on your head or body if you are not Jewish. Many men wish to embrace the look of other guests to fit in or because they feel it is respectful to do for the couple. If you are not Jewish, do not put on any Jewish attire or accessories!

3. Don’t wear a colored tie or bow tie. It’s called black tie for a reason! The more classic, traditional, and understated you look; the more you are following instructions from the couple and their family members. It is not a fashion show and all eyes should be on the couple, not the guest with the bright and loud tie!

4. Avoid singled breasted tuxes for men. If you truly want to embrace black tie attire, stick with a black double breasted tux.

By following these simple black tie wedding attire for men do’s and don’ts, you can ensure that you will dress successfully and respectfully as you attend your acquaintances’ bridal event.

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