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Junior Bridesmaid Dresses – Chiffon or Taffeta For Plus Size Girls?


Junior Bridesmaid Dresses Junior bridesmaid dresses are little replicas of the bride or bridal party women. Their growing and developing bodies have special needs that need to be taken into consideration when searching for dresses for a junior bridesmaid. Some juniors are just falling into their bodies, some are considered plus sized. Either way, these young ladies want to look beautiful and feel confident in their dresses.

Certain materials flatter a plus size figure and are featured on cute bridesmaid dresses. Material like chiffon or taffeta are very popular on bridesmaid and junior bridesmaid dresses. While both being very similar, they do have some slight differences.

Chiffon is sheer and light weight and has a simple, textured weave to it. It drapes well and appears to be light and airy. It tends to show and highlight what is underneath the dress. Hence, a flat stomach will look tremendous in the material, but a belly or areas with added girth will be able to be seen in this fabric.

Taffeta is smooth and silky. It’s a slightly stiffer fabric that does not tend to cling or conform to the body, so it does not tend to create unflattering lines or emphasize lumps and bumps like some other materials. If there are plus sized figures in your wedding party, including plus size junior bridesmaids, this material may be the way to go.

Taffeta is slightly more costly than chiffon, but the extra money may be worth the look and feel of the dress. Available in any style silhouette, neck line, or hem line, taffeta is a fabric that can be worn during any season wedding.

Black junior bridesmaid dresses featured in taffeta will yield the most figure flattering look for junior bridesmaids. A neutral tone, the dress can complement other neutral tones featured in the wedding party. White junior bridesmaid dresses are also featured in stores and online if the bride is in search for a dress that mimics hers.

Besides the color, junior bridesmaid dresses for plus size figures have specific cuts and silhouettes that will make your junior attendant look and feel gorgeous. Opt for A-line silhouettes, as the cut is narrow at the shoulder and spreads out into a wider base at the bottom, creating a curvy but streamlined look. Empire waist lines also cinch at the bust and waist, and have extra fabric around the front of the stomach that drapes and falls elegantly to the floor, covering up a round middle or ample bottom.

If in search for junior bridesmaid dresses, opt for taffeta over chiffon and make sure the silhouette suits your plus sized junior bridesmaid.

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