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Lace Flat Bridal Shoes With Bling – Vintage With A Modern Sparkle!

By November 19, 2012No Comments

 flat bridal shoesIf you love the antiquated look of vintage apparel or accessories yet love the look of modern clothing, there are shoes that meet in the middle of your two fashion favorites to produce lace flat shoes with major bling. They make the perfect flat bridal shoes for your upcoming wedding, especially if you plan to incorporate vintage inspired elements in your own ensemble and across the wedding party.

Flat bridal shoes are ideal for brides to be who are the same height or slightly taller than their grooms. Flat shoes also make ultra-comfortable bridal shoes and will not trip you up as you walk down the aisle. You can also count on flat, lace embellished shoes to not get stuck or sink into the Earth if you are having an outdoor wedding on a soft surface like grass or sand.

Lace bridal shoes can be given a sprinkle of sparkles by adding shoe clips wedding or they can be purchased with clear or colored rhinestones of varying sizes on them, resembling Vera Wang wedding shoes. Purchasing a pair with just a spritz of glitz makes these vintage looking flat a bit more modern. You can also add some glitz and glamor to a pair of flats by using fabric glue or a hot glue gun and sequins purchased from your local craft store. Even brides on a budget can embrace a flat, lacy, and sparkly look for their feet.

You can also design your own lace flat bridal shoes on many websites. One to try is Shoes of Prey. This site allows you to mix and showcase your eclectic style by designing ballet flats in virtually any kind of color, style, material, and embellishments. You can even design flat Swarovski crystal wedding shoes because the site works with these authentic and elegant materials. They will be sure to shine in natural and event lighting for your ceremony and reception.

Flat and lacy shoes aren’t just a must for the bride. Bridesmaids love wearing embellished flats not only for their comfort factor, but their style. Many bridesmaids opt for peep toe flats for spring and summer weddings, and closed pointy or rounded toe flats for fall and winter weddings. These flats’ lace and sparkly embellishments can be best admired when worn with a short or tea length hemline.

Flat bridal shoes with lace will help you achieve a truly vintage look, while adding some sparkle in the form of shoe clips, sequins, or dazzling stones; will add some instant elegance and glamor for the modern bride to be.

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