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Light Grey Suit – What Color Shirt And Shoes For Wedding?

By December 30, 2012January 5th, 2013No Comments

Light Grey SuitA light grey suit is a great choice for grooms who wish to present themselves as handsome, formal, yet modern men on their wedding day. When it comes to wearing a light grey suit, you must consider how you are going to pair it with other colors to pull a winning look together. Read on to learn about which shirt colors and shoes will work with formal suits for men on their wedding day.

Consider pairing your light grey suit with a white tuxedo shirt and a pale yellow tie or bow tie for your summer wedding. This will work especially well if your marriage ceremony or reception is taking place outdoors. Nothing says summer like a bright yellow hue. Yellow also symbolizes happiness, which is also more than appropriate for your wedding day. Since light grey is a neutral hue, most pops of color will offset it and look complementary paired up against it. However, just be sure that a yellow tone will enhance the bridal bouquet and bridesmaids’ gowns. Pale yellow will work with bridesmaid dresses featured in baby blue, ivory, champagne, gold, and navy blue.

You may also wish to consider pairing your light grey suit with a mint green button down shirt and tie. Mint green can be paired with grey suit, since they are both neutral tones. Mint green and grey on groomsmen will also complement grey bridesmaid dresses, which is a huge trend with ladies in the wedding party. Light grey and mint green are also great if you are planning on adhering to a vintage theme for your wedding. Many grooms of the past wore ivory and grey wedding suits, and also embraced pastel tones like mint green.

Finally, consider pairing an orange tie with a white button down shirt and a grey suit. This will look great during fall weddings and will add an unexpected yet completely complementary look for the groom. It’s edgy, daring, but looks very charming and sophisticated. It will complement outdoor fall ceremonies and easily transition into indoor receptions with fall themed décor. Be sure to avoid pairing light grey and orange together if bridesmaids are wearing black dresses. This will create a Halloween costume look, rather than a fall inspired theme.

If you choose to wear a light grey suit, be sure to consider wearing and pairing some colors like pale yellow, mint green, and muted orange to achieve an amazing and attractive wedding day look.

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