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Long Veil or Short Veil With Short Dress?

By December 19, 2012No Comments

 Long VeilIf you have chosen to wear a short bridal dress, you certainly have many reasons for that. Maybe this is because you love showing off your legs, are getting married on the beach, love vintage style, or just want to make a non-traditional statement on your most memorable day. Which length veil should you choose-a long veil or a short veil? Read on to find out how your veil’s length can make all the difference with non traditional wedding dresses.

It is simple. The rule of thumb is and always will be that if you wear a short dress, you should wear a short veil. Long veils will take away from the uniqueness of the dress. There are a number of short veils you can wear and pair with your short dress that will look just as complementary as a long veil does with a long dress.

Try on a birdcage wedding veil. These short veils are netted or sheer and frame the face; usually falling just below the nose and cheekbones. They are usually fastened with a large, floral barrette, feather clip, or attached to a hair comb to slide into an up do. A birdcage veil better complements short dresses than a long veil because it creates an authentic retro bride look and feel. It also puts a modern and unique spin of the definition of a traditional a bride.

A drop veil will also complement a short wedding dress. Drop veils are extremely plain and sheer. They are usually attached to a small comb to slip into your wedding day do at the top of the scalp and it falls down around the waistline. It creates balance and is a great choice for brides who love the look of a longer veil but do not wish for it to fall any lower than their midsection. Drop veils are ideal for brides who tie the knot on the beach, as it is light weight and will not drag in the sand. It also makes a short dress appear a little more formal and completely contemporary.

The verdict is out when it comes to wearing a short dress and pairing it with a veil. Pass on a long veil, and embrace a birdcage or drop veil to look sleek and chic on your special day!

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