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Manolo Blahnik Wedding Shoes Blue Collection Review

By August 22, 2011April 10th, 2012No Comments

Manolo Blahnik Wedding ShoesManolo Blahnik wedding shoes can take care of two of your needs at the same time: owning a pair of the hottest wedding shoes ever and wearing something blue to your wedding. Thanks to Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker of “Sex in the City”), Manolo Blahnik wedding shoes became an overnight sensation for those looking for a perfect pair of wedding footwear from Something Blue wedding shoes collection. In the world of couture bridal shoes, Manolo Blahnik wedding shoes are a top choice for brides who want to make a fashion statement.

There are several styles available in the Manolo Blahnik wedding shoes Blue collection. You can choose open or closed toe shoe, a sling-back or a pump. You can also have the shiny accessories affixed to Carrie Bradshaw’s shoe, or the Blue collection offers a bow instead of the crystal brooch. The “Sex in the City” movie did cause the cost of the Manolo Blahnik wedding shoes (the blue satin pump) to rise to almost a thousand dollars a pair! This may seem out of the question, but if this is your dream wedding shoe, rest assured you will wear it again. A white satin shoe might be harder to pull off than
sporting your very trendy Manolo’s out on the town. Several celebrities have been seen wearing these shoes to many different events, not just weddings. The shoes can complete any outfit, so if these are the shoes you want, you can feel safe spending the money, as you will get your money’s worth from them.

Many brides who consider Manolo Blahnik as the chosen shoe designer for their big day, often put Christian Louboutin on their short list, as well. Featured in an episode of Oprah, Christian Louboutin stole the hearts of many brides with his Tiffany blue wedding shoes collection. Interestingly, the shoes were actually white shoes with a Tiffany blue sole. Unfortunately, these shoes were a one-time custom design and are no longer available for sale. However, if Tiffany blue is your favorite blue, you can find plenty of Tiffany blue colored shoes (and you can add shoe clips wedding accessories to dress them up!).

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