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Mantilla Veil With Lace Dress – Bring Some Spanish Into Your Wedding!


Mantilla VeilA mantilla veil is the ultimate accessory to add some saucy Spanish style into your wedding day look. When worn with lace Spanish style wedding dresses, you will achieve a new level of sexy and style. Read on to learn how to bring some Spanish into your own wedding by including this Spanish veil.

A mantilla wedding veil is most popularly featured in lace. However, modern versions of the veil feature a sheer scalloped edge with lace embellishment. This lace wedding veil is worn over the bride’s head and shoulders, falling forward to create an alluring but modest appearance. Also considered to be the ideal chapel veil, its Spanish history is still going strong today, as it is worn during religious services.

The mantilla veil looks especially chic when worn with a lace wedding dress. The texture on the veil and on the dress combines to create a rich and elegant look. This Spanish style veil was popular in the past with brides to be in the 1940’s and 1950’s especially with ladies of the Catholic religion. Because vintage clothing and accessories are currently a popular trend, many brides today are embracing the vintage look. Michelle Obama and Laura Bush stylishly wore a mantilla veil with their lace embellished dresses.

These Spanish veils look absolutely en vogue when worn with a Spanish style dress, a trumpet silhouette, or a mermaid silhouette dress. All of these styles are alike because they are known for their fit and flare design and sexy necklines. The mantilla style veil covers up the brides shoulders and neckline during a ceremony, leaving something to be desired and can easily be pushed behind the shoulders or removed for enjoyment and dancing during the reception.

Opt to wear your hair in loose waves when incorporating this vintage veil into your wedding day look. The veil is meant to complement loose locks and flow down the shoulders and blend in with the cascade of curls. If opting to wear your hair back with this style of vein, be sure to pin the hair into a tight, low bun. To add some Spanish flare, adhere a flower embellishment near the nape of the neck or just above the ear. Adding flowers that are red or yellow, give the formal look a pop of color and modern appeal.

A mantilla veil is just the accessory you need to create a traditional church wedding look but with a little Spanish appeal.

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