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Mens Formal Wear Styles For Wedding Hot Trends


Mens Formal WearAfter you select your wedding dress, wedding party colors, and wedding party theme, it is time to focus on formal wear for him. From wedding ties to designer tuxedos, read on to learn about the hot wedding attire trends for your groom.

There are many brand names that boast formal wear for men. One of the hottest and most popular wedding retailers for mens wedding attire is Men’s Warehouse. With a build a tux option and a get inspired tab, showcasing the hottest looks for today’s grooms; it is easy to find everything from a designer tuxedo to a light weight linen suit for a beach wedding.

One popular option with today’s grooms is grey suits paired with a satin grey tie. This style of formal wear is a more modern take on the traditional groom’s attire.

Classic looks are also still in style. Many grooms are opting for formal wear that includes three button notch lapels paired with wool pleated pants and black rounded toe shoes. Designers Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein feature these classic styles in desirable and pair able colors that will easily complement a wedding party color scheme or theme.

Suit USA is also a popular wedding retailer that boasts vintage suits to complement vintage themed weddings. The site features suits in a variety of cuts and colors that were popular in the 1920’s.

Another popular look with modern grooms is double breasted jackets. This sleek look is streamlined and stylish when worn in cream colors.

Tying the knot without wear a tie is also acceptable and trendy with modern grooms. Many grooms are wearing this trend in light colored suits, stepping away from the traditional black tux. In fact, today many grooms are embracing tuxes that are every color imaginable. From green to navy, and even yellow; a colorful wedding party is all the rage in the wedding and fashion industry.

If color is not for you, opt for suits featured in beige, grey, or traditional black that has an element of shine and sheen to it. It is a subtle way to think outside of the box and showcase some trendy wedding day style.

When it comes to choosing formal wear for him, there are many ways to add style to your wedding that makes the classic black tux take a backseat to modern design elements

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