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Mens Navy Blue Tuxedo For The Groom – Fashion Winner Or Loser?

By November 8, 2012No Comments

Navy Blue Tuxedo When you think of a groom on his wedding day, do you think of a basic black tux or a navy blue tuxedo? With retro and vintage fashion making a comeback, many brides and grooms have decided to embrace this trend and dress the part. What do you think about a navy blue tux? Should it be a fashion winner or a fashion loser? Read on to find out!

Here is the bottom line. If you are having a very formal wedding, you can certainly embrace a vintage or retro style suit, but a navy blue tuxedo should not be a part of the equation. Navy blue suits are certainly interesting, but tend to be more casual as far as mens suit styles go. If you must have navy blue incorporated into your formal wedding day look, consider incorporating it in other forms.

There are many navy blue tuxedo shirt styles that are perfect to wear underneath beige or off-white suits for men. These mens dark blue tuxedo shirts will complement navy blue bridesmaid dresses. They should be worn as enhancements, not as a solid navy blue tuxedo, which will overtake the entire wedding party look.

Grooms who love the look of navy can also wear this dark neutral in the form of wedding ties, rather than a solid blue suit. The ties will enhance a number of bridesmaid dress colors and looks much more formal and classy than wearing a blue tux. They can also add a pop of navy blue in the form of a handkerchief folded in their front pocket, or in the form of a flower or hearty garnish in their boutonniere.

A navy blue tux can be worn if you are having a more casual and relaxed ceremony and reception, especially if embracing a vintage or retro theme. A navy blue suit can look striking in a casual outdoor setting like a beach, boat, park, or even a backyard. You may even wish to consider wearing a navy blue tux for early fall weddings. When paired with a pop of orange in the form of a bow or necktie, or even a pocket accent or boutonniere, it will put a fresh spin on a classic suit. It will complement bridesmaids’ dresses of virtually any color. Because the wedding ceremony itself is less formal, it is acceptable to wear a less than formal or traditional suit tone.

A mens navy blue tuxedo sounds and looks interesting and unique, but when it comes to formal, black tie affairs, it is best to not stray from tradition and a look of elegance. Nevertheless, be sure to embrace this potential fashion winner if having a casual affair in a casual setting for a modern and retro twist on a neutral classic.

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