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Mens Wedding Attire Ideas For A Casual Beach Ceremony


Mens Wedding AttireMens wedding attire can vary from a formal black and white tuxedo to surf shorts and a t-shirt! Nowadays, wedding styles range far and wide from days of the bride in white, the bridesmaids in pink and the groomsmen in tuxes with cummerbunds. The variety in groom and groomsmen attire can especially be seen if you are getting married on a beach. However, even with a casual beach ceremony, you can still dress your look up with many different tuxedo shirt styles or even tuxedo bow ties.

There are many trendy ideas for mens wedding attire during a beach wedding. The hottest look is created with linen. Crisp and cool, linens in any color give the casual look, but have a classy touch befitting your special day. Another way to wear casuall men’s wedding clothing, but to give off a ceremonious air, is to have the groom and groomsmen wear designer silk ties. The formality of vests, bowties and silk handkerchiefs (the usual mens wedding attire) can look out of place at a wedding by the ocean, but you want to dress your look up a little as it is your wedding day. Ties matching the bridesmaids’ dresses are a great idea.

The fun thing about a beach wedding is there really are no rules to mens wedding attire. The groom and groomsmen can wear khaki shorts with tuxedo shirts, gray dress pants with crisp white shirts and different colored ties and you can go all out and have an ultra-formal wedding in the sand. If the bridesmaids are all wearing different color dresses, have the groomsmen wear shirts that match the corresponding colors. This can make for a very colorful and somewhat tropical color wedding! We can’t forget Hawaiian flower beach shirts. Large and colorful print flowers can make for a very fun wedding look.

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