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Mens Wedding Suit Styles For Short Men – Do’s And Don’ts!

By July 26, 2012No Comments

 Mens Suit StylesShorter men have different needs when it comes to mens suit styles. Be sure to select a suit that truly complements your body, whether wearing a wedding tuxedo or three piece suit. There are a number of ways to get a complementary look for your wedding day if you are on the shorter side.

First, be sure to choose a suit or tux that is appropriate for your event. Wedding tuxedos are appropriate for traditional and formal weddings. A double breasted suit is appropriate for a casual ceremony or reception.

Once you have a ceremony style selected and the reception venue booked, begin to think about different mens suit styles. You ultimately want to pick a suit that reflects your personal style, boasts a flattering fit, and complements your wedding party’s color scheme and theme. It sounds complicated, but does not need to be.

Shorter men can shop for suits in shorter lengths. They also have the option to get a suit custom made for their body, or to get some simple alterations done to ensure a flattering and streamlined fit. If slimmer, a tapered pant leg will look complementary and if it has a small break, it will help you appear larger and taller.

When it comes to mens suit styles, choose a slim cut, peak lapel. It will help make your overall appearance seem longer. Showing cuffs will also appear to lengthen your arms. Buttons positioned lower on jackets also creates a long and lean look, and opt for a suit vest or fitted lapel in white or light colors.

Vintage weddings are popular with many couples due to the chicness of the light colors used and the antiquated embellishments and accessories, but the look may not look for shorter grooms. Vintage jackets are traditionally cut longer, with hemlines that hit below the hip. When a short groom wears jackets in this cut and style, his legs will instantly appear shorter. If a vintage look is a must, forego the vintage era jacket and wear a piece that looks complementary instead.

Also, when it comes to choosing a tie, the slimmer it is, the longer and slimmer a groom will look. Thick ties tend to make grooms appear more compact, resulting in emphasizing a short body.

There are a variety of mens suit styles that will complement short grooms.

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