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Mens White Tuxedo Jacket With Black Pants For Wedding Trend

By December 20, 2012No Comments

White Tuxedo Jacket Do you want to embrace some of the hottest bridal fashion trends on your wedding day? If so, consider the mens white tuxedo jacket paired with black pants trend. Not only is it easy to execute, but your groom will be glad to take part in this modern style twist on the all-black or all white tuxedo. Read on to learn how some brides to be are helping their groom and groomsmen incorporate it into the wedding color scheme and theme for their big day.

A wedding tuxedo rental can be costly. The idea of wearing a two toned suit is completely cost effective. Here is why-you can purchase each separately! Shop one store for a great deal on a mens white tuxedo jacket and shop another for an amazing deal on a pair of basic black pants. You are sure to save money and even create an eclectic feel; which is the point of mixing them two pieces together!

Also, the black and white trend is very popular because it breaks up the unified and uniformed look of the white suit for men. It provides contrast and adds depth while still looking formal and fashionable. In addition, the white-black combination is a total winner for men who are a little heavier on the bottom in size. The black pants will visually slim a man down, while the white tuxedo jacket will draw the attention to the upper half of the body.

Not only is the white tuxedo jacket paired with black pants affordable, it is complementary to a variety of colors and color combinations worn by bridesmaids and featured throughout the bridal celebration. Nothing is more chic than black and white. If you are having a black and white themed wedding, the white tuxedo jacket and black pants look will fit right in! It will also work if bridesmaids are wearing pops of color like cherry red, fuchsia pink, baby blue, or even silver for a holiday themed wedding.

Short black bridesmaid dresses are even nicely off-set by grooms and groomsmen who wear a black and white color combination. When the two are paired together, the bottom black combination instantly makes short dresses appear more formal and will create flattering photographs.

A white tux and a pair of black pants is also appropriate to wear for weddings taking place during any season. Because both colors are universally flattering and fit to pair with virtually any other color, they will enhance the colors of each season; while maintaining a formal appearance.

The white tuxedo jacket and black pant combination is an up and coming trend that you may want to embrace. It is subtle, yet chic and is appropriate for form and semi-formal occasions.

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