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Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses – Which Neckline For Your Body Type?


Mermaid Bridesmaid DressesMermaid bridesmaid dresses are making a splash at weddings set in every season. They look ultimately hip and chic when mimicking brides who wear mermaid wedding dresses. Mermaid silhouettes are sexy and body hugging. They cut in at the waist and slightly flair out at the hips, highlighting every curve and then continues tightly on down the legs, and flaring out at the ankles; ultimately taking shape of the mythical mermaid. These dresses come in a variety of colors, textures, materials, and with sparkling embellishments. Their necklines also vary. If you have mermaid bridesmaid dresses in mind for your upcoming wedding, be sure to read on to learn about which neckline your bridesmaids should choose that will best suit their body type.

Mermaid style bridesmaid dresses most classically come in a halter style neckline. Halter bridesmaid dresses are very popular with large chested ladies. This is because the style provides a deep v neck, providing room for the bust but adding a heavy element of support as the straps wrap around the neck, keeping the chest lifted and perky. Sweetheart necklines also provide ample room for a large bust line and often have the option of getting support cups or pads sewn into the neckline for coverage and lift. Many times, seamstresses recommend adding removable straps so bridesmaids can dance the night away, worry free.

Another ideal neckline for these unique bridesmaid dresses is the boat neck. Visually widening the top of the dress, smaller chested women look enhanced and fabulous when wearing mermaid bridesmaid dresses. Smaller busted bridesmaids can also wear mermaid dresses that feature an off the shoulder neckline. This provides smaller chested women the option to wear a strapless bra with the dress and expose their collarbone and shoulders comfortably without the hassle of tugging on the dress all night, pulling up a strapless gown that is having difficulty staying in place.

Mermaid silhouette dresses can be worn during any season. This makes them ideal for a late fall or winter wedding, as many mermaid bridesmaid dresses are featuring long or three-quarter length sleeves. The retro and vintage theme is back in full force, so if you love mermaid dresses and vintage, you are able to incorporate both styles into your look.
If planning on asking your bridesmaids to sport this stylish and sexy look, be sure they look and feel their best by choosing a suitable neckline.

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