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Military Wedding Shocker: Camo Wedding Dresses With Pink Accessories!


Camo Wedding DressesBe all that you can be while wearing a camouflage wedding dress! Camo wedding dresses provide an interesting take on the classic and traditional long, white haute couture wedding dresses. If you are true Army girl, then read on to learn how to incorporate these unique wedding dresses with pops of pink accessories to look tough, girly, and glamorous.

Camo Formal features camouflage wedding dresses at an affordable price. In a variety of colors, prints, and placements, these informal wedding dresses will turn heads and will surely be remembered.

Pairing pink with camo wedding dresses is easy and the light and feminine color can be incorporated in a number of ways.

One simple way to play with pops of pink is by carrying a large pink bouquet. Peonies, roses, tulips, and hydrangea are very graceful and formal flowers that will dress up the gown and break up the masculine print.

Playful pink bangles, sparkling pink earrings, or a large and chunky pink statement choker will add some color to the neutral tones and prints on camo wedding dresses.

Pink shoes are also a simple way to show off a pink accent. Whether worn on heels, flats, strappy sandals, flip flops, or military boots; the warmness of the tone will warm up your whole bridal look, overall.

A number of hair accessories come featured in light or dark shades of pink. A sassy fishnet veil, headbands, feathers, barrettes, and sparkling pink hair clips add an instant element of femininity and glamour.

To add some pink into your already whimsical look, add a pair of pink gloves, stockings, handbags, a garter, or even a hat depending on the venue and formality of your occasion.

Whether you love hunting or the Army itself because you have served the country or just admire the bold statement you can make by wearing it; camo wedding dresses are certainly a unique way to exchange your vows!

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