Mix And Match Bridesmaid Dresses – Do’s And Don’ts!


Mix And Match Bridesmaid DressesDoes the idea of your bridesmaids wearing cookie cutter dresses sound too boring to you? Would you like to consider mix and match bridesmaid dresses that your lovely girlfriends can actually wear after the wedding without looking like twins? While the idea of mix and match bridesmaid dresses might sound like fun and out of the box, let’s take a look at major Do’s and Don’ts of mixing it up so you don’t end up with a mismatch wedding fashion disaster.

Do go for mix and match bridesmaid dresses, however pick a common theme that will tie all the dresses together like a color, pattern, fabric, dress style or accessories.

Do pick mix and match bridesmaid dresses preferably from the same designer or a fashion line. This will ensure that you can easily accomplish your goal of finding something in common among different dresses. If your budget allows (https://helmii.com), your best bet is to check with haute couture wedding dress store consultants to recommend their vision of mix and match wedding dresses.

Do have your bridesmaids wear identical accessories like playful hair bows, jewelry sets, shawls or colored wedding shoes to help tie mix and match bridesmaid dresses and make them look more homogenous for wedding pictures.

Don’t go mix and match crazy and have bold mismatched prints of your bridesmaids dresses compete with the beauty of bride’s own wedding dress. Bridesmaids’ dresses should be tasteful but slightly understated to allow the bride’s dress to shine through. Keep your bridesmaids’ dresses classy and simple.

Don’t pick the color white for your mix and match bridesmaid dresses, white color is reserved strictly for the bride to be.

Don’t pick bridesmaid dresses that your bridesmaids will not enjoy or will not flatter their figures. Your bridesmaids are paying for these dresses, so they should definitely be included in the decision making process. In addition, consider paying for your bridesmaids’ accessories like purse clutches, shawls or jewelry as a token of appreciation for their participation in your big day.

Same ideas hold true for mix and match wedding tuxedo styles for groomsmen that do not have to be all the same. You can experiment with various colors or styles to make them more visually appealing and not boring.

If you are looking for additional information on how to pick the right undergarments for wedding dresses, check out our other articles on this subject.

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