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Modern Vintage Calla Lily Wedding Cake Designs Ideas

By November 7, 2017January 11th, 2018No Comments

Calla Lily Wedding CakeA calla lily wedding cake is a must serve dessert if you are in need of a cake with a modern vintage design twist. Some believe that a cake is just as important as a gown, band, or the reception venue itself! Here is how you can include calla lily designs on every kind of cake to complement the modern vintage theme of your upcoming big day.

Victorian wedding cakes are making a huge comeback because many brides to be are hosting a vintage themed wedding. From lace, to bows, pale pastel tones, and even tulle; a calla lily wedding cake will blend right in if you feature it in a Victorian design. Embrace this design genre by decorating a bright white cake with strands of icing made from pearls that create scalloped edges around the sides of the luxurious desert. Victorian cakes are also given a lace and lattice design throughout the tiered layers. One you have the design of your Victorian cake selected; place a calla lily blossom on top of the desert to serve as one of the most modern cake toppers for weddings. These bright white cakes also look amazing with champagne bridesmaid dresses and other light or pastel décor, which was popular in the vintage era.

You can even incorporate calla lilies throughout rustic wedding cakes if you are having a country themed wedding or a barn reception. Consider thinking outside the box and serving the cake on a birch or oak tree base instead of an elegant platter. Wrap each layer in twine and place a small bird’s nest accent piece on the top layer of the desert. Obtain a small calla lily blossom and strategically place it angled off the nest, as well as on the edge of each layer, above the rustic twine. Elegance meets country charm with this whimsical yet hearty calla lily wedding cake!

Calla lilies also look great on small, semi-formal fondant cakes that are tinted in a color that complements or enhances the wedding party colors. Consider carving your initials inside a heart on the face of the calla cake. Then, place some loose white lilies around the heart so they are easy to remove before serving, but will enhance the romantic and unique design on the cake.

Consider the ideas above for serving a calla lily wedding cake at your reception, no matter the kind of reception you desire to create a modern-vintage look.

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