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Modern Wedding Bouquets Ideas For Spring Wedding

By January 17, 2013No Comments

Wedding Bouquets IdeasKeep in mind that as you walk down the aisle on the day of your spring wedding, your guests will not only be looking at your dress, but your bouquet as well. How can you ensure that you and your bridesmaids have the most chic and modern looking bouquets? Read on to learn about some wedding bouquets ideas that will help you create a trendy and modern look for your spring wedding.

Leave making wedding bouquets to the pros. If you want the most up to date floral accessory, scan through the top bridal magazines and websites for some inspiration to take to your local florist to piece together wedding bouquets ideas that will work with your color scheme and your budget.

One idea to try for spring wedding flowers is mixing together three unexpected hearty colors and pairing them with a delicate pale blue ribbon wrapped base. Pink, red, and orange ranunculus look modern and fashion forward when paired together, but also have softness to them thanks to their rounded and layered petals. To add some personal flair, attach a golden and sparkly brooch to the ribbon wrapped base, or place a golden bee pin among the flowers.

You can also consider a large and lush bouquet of bright toned zinnias. Their defined shapes can be arranged in a completely circular bouquet to create a modern but antiquated arrangement.

Non floral bouquets ideas are also wildly popular. A great one to have pieced together can consist of butterflies in various shapes, colors, and sizes, or even ribbon flowers in white and beige tones and multiple sizes. And don’t forget the new fast growing modern vintage wedding trend: creating your bridal bouquet out of vintage rhinestone brooches will sure leave your guests gasp in amazement for your creative modern spin on classics!

If you wish to carry an all-white bouquet, your bridesmaid bouquets can mimic you. Also, some trendy wedding bouquets ideas for bridesmaids involve eggplant calla lilies, dusty miller leaves, and some fringe tulips and a wrapped white silk base. The arrangement will look elegant yet modern and will certainly complement a number of neutral toned bridesmaid dresses.

If you have opted to have your girls wear patterned bridesmaid dresses, you can keep their bouquets modern but simplistic. Consider a large bouquet filled with classic bright white peonies wrapped in layers of twine, or sweet peas arranged by color and ranging from light pink to dark pink.

If you are in need of wedding bouquets ideas for your own bouquet or for your bridesmaids, consider some of the unique combinations above to create a modern arrangement for your upcoming special day!

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