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Modern Wedding Cakes Review

By September 4, 2011April 10th, 2012No Comments

Modern Wedding CakesModern wedding cakes vary from the extremely elaborate to cupcakes! From unique wedding cake toppers to elaborate décor, modern wedding cakes can be a sheet cake or have 8 tiers. If your wedding is simple or extremely extravagant, today’s wedding cakes can be ordered to match any wedding style. Gone are the days of three tiered, white cakes! Today’s wedding cakes are selected to match wedding colors, or wedding gowns, and they come in a variety of shapes and flavors.

One modern design element that has become very popular is the use of objects to decorate wedding cakes. Wedding cake decorating ideas have expanded to include such items as lace, ribbons, real flowers, beads and brooches. Another trend in modern wedding cakes are individual wedding cakes. With individual cakes for wedding, each guest at your reception will receive their very own mini-wedding cake! A more economical version of this idea is the wedding cupcake. Beautifully designed and arranged, guests can choose from a variety of cupcake flavors if you choose this option. Wedding sheet cakes are another option for your cake. The sheet cake will save you a lot of money and can be decorated very elaborately to keep up with modern wedding cakes and their trends. You can also choose to have a small, but very elaborate, wedding cake, and have a sheet cake prepared for your guests to eat.

Modern wedding cakes can be displayed differently than the traditional wedding cake we have seen through the years. Some cakes are placed on rotating cake holders, some have lighting placed over them to accentuate design elements. Individual cakes for wedding and cupcakes are usually placed beautifully on top of each other with the help of cake shelves.

Contemporary wedding cakes are works of art. With intricate designs and a variety of colors and shape to choose from, wedding cakes will continue to become more elaborate. Modern wedding cakes can fit into any budget as well. A simply and inexpensive wedding cake can have a couple of design touches to add flair and separate the cake from the traditional look.

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