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Most Expensive Wedding Invitations Ideas For A Fraction of The Cost

By September 20, 2012No Comments

Expensive Wedding InvitationsExpensive wedding invitations are not hard to come by. Most couples spend a bomb on their wedding dresses, wedding venues and wedding menus, but when it comes to wedding invitations, they go cheapskate. Wedding invitation, an important element of a wedding is not just a piece of paper. It is the window of your joy and your wedding theme. Then why take a casual stance on wedding invitations, why go cheapskates when you can have access to myriads of most expensive wedding invitations for a fraction of a cost. Take a look at some unusual and unexpected invitations ideas that look expensive but don’t have to cost much when you order them online:

What was exclusive to India has now gone global. Originally used by Maharajas and Maharanis of India, these scrolls have taken a new form; wedding scrolls. These classy wedding invitations are now available in silk and velvet fabrics, vellum and woolly papers. They also come embellished with crystals and semi precious stones. They come neatly rolled with silk tassels and packed in rectangular sturdy boxes. Unlike other expensive wedding invitations, these scrolls are now the talk of the town that are quite affordable.

Wedding Tea Towels
Au revoir expensive wedding invitations! Hello practical yet original tea towels! Couples are now thinking and going out of box to buy unusual wedding invitations. In an effort to stand out and make a mark, couples are now opting for wedding tea towels, which can be used in their guests’ kitchens for years to come!

CDs or DVDs
Imagine CD and DVD invites that can actually be played! As one of the most unusual yet simple and cheap ideas, your wedding invitation can include a video or audio greeting/invitation, as well as some extra fun visual materials, such as pictures of the bride and groom, and maybe even a short playlist of their favorite songs. Although you may spend a bit of time putting it together, the cost of burning a CD or a DVD is pretty much the same as printing paper invitations, so you can’t go wrong!

Wedding Stationeries
Save the date, R.S.V.P cards, place cards which make up the list of expensive wedding invitations is now undergoing a revival in the printing field i.e. letterpress personalized stationery. Though there are printing options to choose from like embossed or offset, couple are now going for this “never-out-of-fashion” classic and elegant style of printing.

Now that you have your invitations covered, get creative with your wedding guest books! A part of the wedding stationery, couples are now looking for unique wedding guest book ideas. Some ideas that are now circulating are puzzles, thumb printing trees, wood hearts for rustic themes, wine bottles, rocks for beach themes and even corks. Have fun!

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