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Napa Valley Wedding Photography – Go For Balloon Rides!

By August 18, 2011June 3rd, 2012No Comments

Napa Valley Wedding PhotographyNapa Valley is a very popular wedding spot. With wineries, chateau’s, estates and a wine train upon which you can be wed, Napa Valley provides breathtaking settings for beautiful weddings. Napa Valley wedding photography is a booming industry in that area. With all of the weddings Napa Valley sees each year, there are many highly qualified photographers to choose from. You can find extremely creative and artistic wedding photographers in this popular California wedding spot. These professionals know wedding photography tips and tricks and will provide you with the perfect wedding photos.

A very unique idea when it comes to Napa Valley wedding photography is to take a balloon ride and have your engagement or bridal party shots taken in the air. The Bonaventura Balloon Company of Napa Valley offers balloon rides at sunrise or balloon tours of the wineries with wine tasting or dinner. A morning ride with a photographer can provide exquisite engagement photographs. Or if you want your wedding photos taken in a hot air balloon, choose a winery in which to marry, and arrange for a hot air balloon to land after the ceremony so that you and your new spouse, and some members of your bridal party, can float into the sky while your pictures are being taken.

There are many options for great shots with Napa Valley wedding photography. If you choose to have your ceremony in one of the vineyards, or on a large estate, you can offer balloon rides to all of your guests during the reception. This way, your Napa Valley wedding photography will include everyone at your wedding when it comes to balloon rides!

However, if your heart is not set on Napa Valley and you are looking for other wedding photography options in California, consider wedding photography Santa Barbara area! And if you are looking for something outside of California, why not try Rochester wedding photography, which is discussed in our article under that title!

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