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Outdoor Wedding Decorations For A Vintage Wedding Ideas

By July 26, 2012No Comments

Outdoor Wedding DecorationsIf you are already opting to exchange vows outdoors, why not also opt for a theme for your wedding? Vintage weddings are popular with modern couples and the theme boasts beautiful and unique outdoor wedding decorations. A vintage theme can look classy and will make a lasting impression on your guests. Read on to get some tips and ideas for vintage wedding decoration ideas.

One unique way to incorporate a vintage theme into your outdoor wedding decorations is to adorn your guests’ chairs with a light colored and sheer sash. Then, have your florist or reception site decorator slip some Baby’s Breath and atop each sash or on the side if you opt to tie each sash into an oversized bow.

During warm, summer months have each usher escort each guest to the outdoor ceremony area by carrying a beige or pastel colored umbrella. The umbrellas will be the first clue to the fact that there is a vintage theme mixed with outdoor wedding ceremony decorations.

If hosting an outdoor cocktail party of reception, there are many outside wedding decoration ideas you can try that have a vintage theme. Line each table or sitting area with lace table cloths or doilies. Then, top off the table with simple mason jars wrapped in ivory ribbon and wild flowers picked from the venue itself or flowers that are currently in season. Sunflowers or peonies look especially chic sitting in the antiquated jars.

If you are having a very casual wedding in the privacy and comfort of your own home, there are also many vintage backyard wedding reception ideas you can try. Obtain inexpensive artificial pearls from a flea market and string them across each lace lined table to create an elegant and chic vintage look. You can even obtain very old books and stencil numbers on them to alert your guests to which table is which.

Feel free to also utilize an old drawer for an antique dresser to hold the place card for each guest to notify them of where they will be sitting.

Handkerchiefs and antique fans also make wonderful accessories and vintage outdoor decorations for warmer weather.

Serving beverages from old Coke Cola bottles is a unique way for guests to refresh themselves while sticking with a vintage wedding theme.

There are many unique and playful ways to incorporate the vintage era into your outdoor wedding decorations.

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