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Peacock Wedding Decorations Ideas – Tips For A Chic, Not Cocky Look!

By September 1, 2012September 25th, 2012No Comments

Peacock Wedding Decorations IdeasAre you considering incorporating peacock wedding decorations into your wedding theme? And why not! Peacock feathers, the most exquisite and exotic feathers of all, display the most beautiful combination of colors -teals, blues, greens, purples and violets. The rich iridescent hue of the feathers, though extravagant-looking, adds a touch of exotic glamour to the wedding décor. But incorporating too much of these exotic peacock wedding decorations can turn a wedding from classy to a tacky affair. Read on to get some tips and decorations ideas for balancing the color palette to create a chic, not cocky look for your wedding!

Let’s start with table runners ideas. Ok, just because you are having a peacock themed wedding, it doesn’t mean that you have to have all blue wedding centerpieces. Balance the ambience of your table by placing cream or white table runners with peacock feathers prints on them.

Napkins and placemats are next to tackle. To balance your peacock wedding decorations, you can place blue colored napkins or doilies on a cream or white table runner or place mats. As more fun ideas, you can place white or cream doilies or napkins with whimsical peacock feathers attached to them and watch your guests play and flirt with the pieces. Or you can arrange table napkins with peacock napkin rings for an aesthetic touch.

Flowers are an essential part of peacock wedding decorations and enhance the mood of a wedding with their fragrance. Try incorporating peacock feathers into blue flowers for weddings like bachelor buttons, bluebells, lavender or even better with white lilies.

Candles are a splendid treat for the senses and can be easily added to the many great decorations ideas! These gorgeous peacock feather print candles, placed all along the table, with their vivid blues and greens, will emanate and sweeten the air with their fragrance.

As an alternative to feather centerpieces for weddings, some fun ideas include using intricate or metal faux peacock figurines. Nestle them among rich hues of flowers to give that elegant touch. You can also place peacock vases or bowls to complement your wedding theme.

Finally, once you’ve selected your peacock feather centerpieces and other decorations ideas, let’s move on to the sweetest part of every wedding event – the cake! Can you imagine a wedding without one? No way! For a peacock themed wedding order a metallic teal-colored cake covered in white fondant feathers or with a white gum paste peacock perched at the base or on one of the tiers of the cake. Or you can also order a white colored cake with intricate hand painted peacock feathers prints on them. Consider peacock cake toppers ideas instead of embellishing your wedding cake with the classical silver or glittery Swarovski decorations.

While these are just a few peacock wedding decoration ideas, you can also create your own personalized and spectacular look for your wedding day by incorporating one or a few peacock colors into your wedding party outfits – bridesmaid dresses and the ushers’ neckties!

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