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Pink Bridesmaid Dresses – Short or Long For A Vintage Wedding?


Go for a vintage wedding look that leaves your bridal party looking pretty in pink. After choosing from a large array of tones, colors, and hues of pink, your next big decision is picking short or long pink bridesmaid dresses for a vintage wedding look.

One of the first things you need to consider is the time of year your big day is being held. Light pink bridesmaid dresses are ideal for spring and summer months, with a hemline cut like tea length or knee length to keep cool in warmer weather. These pale pink bridesmaid dresses are a soft and neutral selection that will look feminine and romantic for your big day-not to mention they will complement the seasonal flowers you may opt to have in your bouquets like roses, peonies, hydrangea, or tulips. Short bridesmaid dresses also look sleek and chic in wedding party photos and add a seasonal flair to the ceremony and reception. Also, when paired with a flowing strand of pearls or a sparkly tassel style necklace your short pink bridesmaid dresses will look as if they stepped out of another era.

Long bridesmaid dresses are mainly seen worn by bridesmaids during fall and winter months, although depending on the material; long dresses can be a versatile piece. Universally popular for any season, long satin gowns add a bit of glamour and shine. Plus, satin is light and airy so your girls will not feel weighed down during the ceremony or reception if you opt to choose a long bridesmaid dress for spring or summer. If getting married during fall or winter months, pink bridesmaid dresses that have undertones of red or silver are a great choice to complement the sights and colors of the seasons. They are great for a wedding near Valentine’s Day and are the perfect transition piece from summer to fall. Long bridesmaid dresses are also the most popular and classic choice if abiding by a vintage wedding theme. While flappers and pin up girls from the past opted for short, flirty dresses, many vintage brides’ go to choice were long beige or pink bridesmaid dresses adorned with lace, flowers, and thick bands that cinched the waist. If choosing a long bridesmaid dress, look for pieces that have those vintage elements or even a bodice, which was also popular in the past, and will complement your bridesmaids’ forms and figures.

Vintage weddings are growing in popularity today. This is partly because antiquated looks are recognized as classy, elegant, and chic. When choosing lengths for your pink vintage bridesmaid dresses, choose one that complements the colors, sights and sounds of your selected wedding day season.

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