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Pink Polka Dot Bridesmaid Dresses – 10 Fashion Sins To Avoid!

By December 16, 2012No Comments

Polka Dot Bridesmaid DressesPlayful polka dots are popping up everywhere lately! On the runway, in your favorite fashion magazines, on shelves at your must shop stores, and now on bridesmaid dresses! Love pink? Pink polka dot bridesmaid dresses will get you that wow factor at your wedding that you are looking for, but some simple guidelines need to be followed before asking your bridesmaids to wear them. Read on to learn about the 10 fashion sins to avoid when shopping for these playful pink bridesmaid dresses:

1. Stay away from a very large polka dot pattern. You take the risk of having your girls look more like Minnie Mouse than bridesmaids. Keep the dots on the small side.

2. Choose pink polka dot bridesmaid dresses that do not have an overabundance of dots. Too many dots in a confined space will look busy and even tacky.

3. Consider two toned bridesmaid dresses that feature the dots on the top or bottom portion of the dress. Sometimes a dress featured entirely in polka dots will look less than complementary. A two toned look with break the dots up and give it an authentic retro feel.

4. Polka dot pattern, especially in pink, may be too young for your bridesmaid group to wear especially if they are in their late thirties or older. Consider having your flower girls and junior bridesmaids dress in the dots. There are a number of polka dot flower girl dresses that are available in any color that you need and for affordable prices.

5. Pink polka dot bridesmaid dresses make a strong statement. Keep your bridesmaid accessories to a minimum. Over accessorizing your look will not look elegant or chic. A strand of pearls or a cocktail ring will suffice.

6. Pink dotted dresses should be worn with other neutral colors and accents. Cream colored heels and white flowers are best and keep the main focus on the printed dresses. Never add additional pops of pink to your look by matching the heels, flowers, or jewelry with the tone of the gown.

7. Pink dot dresses should also be considered when dressing your groomsmen. Be sure to have the men wear something basic and neutral, like beige and light grey colored suits. Black suits may remind your guests of a Mickey and Minnie Mouse wedding party.

8. Do not wear anything else with a polka dot pattern on them if you choose to feature them on the bridesmaid’s dresses. Keep everything else like hair, jewelry, shoes, and bags simple.

9. Do not mix prints! If your bridesmaids are wearing polka dotted dresses, do not opt for textured stockings or shawls to cover up with. Go for nude stockings or a silky, plain and neutral toned shawl.

10. Do not overly style hair or go heavy with the make-up. Overly done up bridesmaids will look more like they are attending an 80’s prom than a chic and elegant wedding.

Choosing pink polka dot bridesmaid dresses is a daring and bold decision that can yield an amazing wedding day look. Be sure to avoid the 10 sins listed above to ensure success with this feminine and playful print. 

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