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Places To Get Married In Italy – Castles, Villas and Waterfront Venues!

By September 15, 2012No Comments

Get Married In ItalySo you decided to get married in Italy, one of the most favorite wedding destinations in the entire world! Start your adventurous marital life in the land of love, passion and romance. The beautiful scenery that can be seen in the castles, villas and waterfront venues is sure to choke you with mixed emotions. Though wedding venues in Italy are endless, here are a few places. Go on have a glimpse

Among the favorite settings for couples to get married in Italy are castle wedding venues. Found all over Italy, it is surely a dream come true for every bride who wants to imagine herself like a princess and wants to get married in a royal way. These castles which are reminiscent of the royal eras give away a sense of elegance and sophistication and are sure going to make you feel like royalty. Among these castles, Castello dell’ Abate is sure a favorite among many. It is a rare, medieval and authentic castle that sits atop a hill with the stunning Amalfi Mountains and Isle of Capri serving as the backdrop.

For the “hopelessly-in-love” couples who want to get married, there are loads of villas for rent in Tuscany. These gorgeous Tuscany villas with their beautiful countryside backdrop and stunning architecture are the best venues to get married in Italy as there are quite affordable and can be rented for short and long stays, depending on your preference and the agreement you make with the villa owners. Though these are built with historical architecture, they have all modern amenities like private pools, elegant décor and furnishings, and not to forget breathtakingly beautiful views.

Italy offers many places like villas, chateaus, castles etc. for a couple to get married in Italy. But if you are planning a beach wedding since you want to be a beach bride and want to get married on the pristine sands under crystal clear blue skies, then Italy is the right place and the right choice for you. There are countless spectacular waterfront wedding venues where you plan, organize and conduct your wedding. Places like Capri, The Italian Riviera, Amalfi Coast, Tuscany, Sicily have some great wedding venues especially at the hotels. These hotels offer many irresistible Italian honeymoon packages whereby you can have your wedding and honeymoon at the same time and same place. So go on, explore your luxurious options and get married in the most unforgettable European location!

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