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Bachelor Party

Planning A Bachelor Party in Atlantic City – Top 10 Wild Ideas!

By September 2, 2012September 7th, 2012No Comments

Planning a Bachelor PartyBeing the best man, you have been given the honors of planning a bachelor party in Atlantic City, and a wild one, too. You now need to organize it to the “T”! Congratulations! But hold it right there! Planning it is not an easy job. While the Atlantic City is notorious for its wild adult entertainment, you wouldn’t want to face a Bridezilla with one foot tapping and giving you “the Look”. Would you? So what options for a bachelor party Atlantic City has to offer? Read on for great wild party planning ideas.

Planning a bachelor party should start with a bachelor party checklist. This checklist should be an itinerary for “what to do” and “how to do” at the best bachelor party locations you had chosen. So put on your most funny bachelor party shirts and explore your wild side:

1. Boys will be boys. Their craze for cars, racing and all that stuff is legible only to them. Visit the NASCAR. This is sure to be a hit among the bachelor gang. Even better, indulge in some go-karting on the Central Pier.

2. While planning a bachelor party, a trip to a casino is a must-do. A game of poker, slot machines, roulette are sure to excite and entice you. Hope that wallet of yours is full!

3. Have a splash by taking up water sports like para sailing, surfing and jet skiing. Please, save drinking for later!

4. Experience some heart-stopping, wild screaming amusement rides and thrill rides at The Steel Pier.

5. Watch the Cage Fury Fighting Championships. Watch the wrestlers batter each other to death. A bachelor party can’t get any more boyish than this!

6. What can be more thrilling and wild than sky diving. This certainly should be a part of planning a bachelor party. Feel the adrenaline rush in your body by going for a dive of your life.

7. Play the game of beer pong at the Wild Wild West or Bally’s. You certainly wouldn’t miss it as it offers free beer if you win.

8. Play a round of mini golf at Atlantic City Miniature Golf. The only rule is: a ball in the hole means a new can of beer!

9. Go for a walk along the Boardwalk. While walking along the longest boardwalk in the whole world, you will get to see many interesting shows like “Haunted Tales” or “Comedy Shows”. Ok, this doesn’t sound all that wild but guys, let’s face it…We all need to get a breath of fresh air between all the wild bachelor party activities!

10. Ripley’s Believe it or not. Sure you have heard of it! It stores ancient unbelievable artifacts.

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