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Planning A Beach Wedding – What You Should Know!

By June 24, 2011April 11th, 2012No Comments

Planning A Beach WeddingBefore you start planning a beach wedding read our article where we present basics of how to make it happen.

The first and perhaps most important step of planning a beach wedding is to pick a wedding destination. Would you like to find a perfect beach wedding venue within the US or perhaps you are looking for something more exotic like Haiti or Turks & Caicos? Destination wedding Hawaii and Florida beach weddings are all really good choices that combine relatively affordable wedding and travel costs compared to more exotic destinations that might be unattainable for some of your family members if they wish to attend your destination wedding.

The second and the most important decision you have to make when planning a beach wedding is hiring a certified destination wedding planner. A beach wedding can quickly turn in a really stressful affair if you decide to plan your beach wedding on your own and do not account for possible mishaps like bad weather, hurricane season, hotel overcharges and many more. A professional wedding planner that specializes in destination weddings has established relations with multiple hotels and resorts at exotic beach locations and can negotiate considerable deals on travel and lodging packages.

The third important step is to look into many available wedding packages that allow you to save money when planning a beach wedding. Most wedding packages could be customized to meet your specific needs and wants, including wedding venue rentals, priest wedding services, wedding catering, destination wedding photographer, d├ęcor and many more.

A selection of beach wedding dresses is also important, choose one that will blend beautifully in the oceanfront settings and will not be too long to get tangled in the sand. Choosing more relaxed wedding hair styles will ensure that you look stunning no matter if it gets breezy on your wedding day. Complicated formal updos look rather unnatural in a beach setting and should be reserved for other wedding occasions.

Start planning your beach wedding way ahead of time, approximately from one year to nine months before the anticipated wedding date to ensure your wedding venue availability.

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