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Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses – With Sleeves Or With Jackets?

By August 14, 2012No Comments

Plus Size Bridesmaid DressesPlus size bridesmaid dresses flatter figures in a variety of colors, cuts, and materials. Many plus size women prefer dresses with sleeves or with jackets to cover and complement their arms and upper body. Here are some ways to incorporate sleeves or jackets into bridesmaid dresses for plus size figures.

Bridesmaid dresses with sleeves can be long or short, loose or tight. A current trend, no matter the size of your bridesmaids includes having them wear lace dresses with sleeves. The vintage look is currently very hot, and locating a plus size lace dress is easy. The texture of the fitted lace sleeve is visually pleasing and concealing of any flaws.

Other types of sleeves available that flatter plus size figures are bat sleeves. They are airy and loose and hang playfully to the elbows. These sleeves balance out large around and shoulders effortlessly.

Plus size black bridesmaid dresses are a flattering choice for full figured ladies. They create a sleek silhouette and conceal any figure flaws. They look chic and sophisticated when paired with a fitted jacket. However, jackets can be paired more successfully with certain styles of plus size bridesmaid dresses.

Jackets that fall slightly below the hip, rather than sit directly on the hip, balance bigger bodies. The classic A-line dress pairs beautifully with a fitted jacket for plus size figures. The cut of the A-line begins narrow and flairs out into a fuller bottom. The jacket will help enhance the flattering waist line that is created or emphasized from the dress’ cut. Opt for a jacket with cap or three quarter length sleeves for spring or summer weddings, and go full sleeves for a fall or winter wedding.

Strapless sweetheart necklines also flatter a short or long sleeve fitted jacket. The space created from the neckline opens up the area between plus size bridesmaid dresses and the jacket, leaving an ample amount of space for a statement piece to draw the eye upward, taking attention away from a large bottom.

If sleeves or jackets are not going to work for your bridal party look, a shawl is a unique and stylish alternative to help your bridesmaids cover up when they are cool or to complement their bodies. Chic and sheer, shawls can be cut from the same fabric used in their dress. They can also feature a print or pattern that complements the design elements of the bridal party look to add a pop or color, style, or interest that continues to draw the eye upward.

Sleeves and jackets, when worn properly; can have a wow factor on plus size bridesmaid dresses.

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