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Plus Size Wedding Dresses With Sleeves And Color Trends

By March 9, 2013No Comments

Plus Size Wedding Dresses With SleevesIf you have a plus size figure, there is a bridal gown for you that will address your body’s unique needs. From a silhouette, to sleeves, and even colors; read on to learn how to select the trendiest and complementary plus size wedding dresses with sleeves.

Empire waist wedding dresses are your best bet when it comes to trying on and selecting your special attire. This silhouette cinches underneath your bust and provides a long and loose fit. Many gowns boast draping, which provides extra coverage to the waist, hips, and bottom portion of your body, disguising any lumps and bumps. Sparkly embellishments are also applied on the upper portion of these gowns to draw the eye upward and provide some visual interest without overpowering the design of the dress. This kind of dress looks great when paired with sparkly wedding shoes and colorful sash.

Adding pops of color onto a gown is a popular trend and decision among many modern brides. Sashes, shoes, statement necklace pieces and floral and feather embellishments in bright tones or a classic black color instantly makes the dress stand out.

Many brides-to-be also opt for empire waist gowns with sleeves. A wedding dress with sleeves simply provides a light layer of coverage to large arms, making the bride look more flattering in her gown. Sleeves have recently became a hit with the fast growing popularity of modern vintage bridal themes. You can choose between a number of sleeves, depending on your personal taste and style, as well as your decor theme.

Lace sleeves are the most popular kind for plus size wedding dresses with sleeves. They have a vintage flair to them and add some subtle texture to the outfit. They can be worn for fall, winter, and spring weddings, and can be easily complemented by romantic sleeved bridesmaid dresses. They also make a lovely option for second wedding dresses, which tend to be more reserved and traditional in design.

Cap sleeves are perfect for summer weddings when it comes to plus size wedding dresses with sleeves. It gives your arms and upper halves a bit of coverage while helping you keep cool in warmer temperatures. The fluttery sleeves also add to the dress’ overall design scheme and can be composed of lace, satin, or even boast a punch out design.

While there are pros and cons of adding pops of color to your bridal gown and other accessories, plus size wedding dresses with sleeves and touches of color are some of the most popular trends of the year for all shapes and sizes of brides.

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