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Proper Bridal Shower Invitation Etiquette Wording

By January 21, 2013No Comments

Bridal Shower Invitation Etiquette Before you send out bridal party invitations, be sure that you follow proper bridal shower invitation etiquette. Your invitations not only reveal pertinent information about your event to your guests, but set the tone for the type of bridal shower you are hosting. Read on to learn how proper wording for bridal shower invitations adhere to certain formalities.

The unwritten but well known rule for wording bridal shower invitations is to list the person who pays for the bridal shower first and as the host of the shower. This person also is the person to contact in order to accept or decline the invitation. If there are multiple people paying for the shower, such as the mother of the bride, the mother in law, and all of the bridesmaids, bridal shower invitation etiquette is to state that the shower is given by friends and family of the bride, and to RSVP to the bride’s mother.

Today it is socially acceptable and convenient for guests to RSVP via email or text message, rather than sending back a response card or making a telephone call.

Many traditional brides opt for formal and classic bridal shower invitation etiquette for wording. Proper wording such as, “You are cordially invited,” and “Let’s celebrate the bride to be” are commonly used. Invitations are usually white, embellished with scalloped edges, lace, or even sparkles and golden scroll writing. They are rarely hand written and are even mailed in envelopes addressed by a calligrapher.

Many modern brides opt for casual and creative bridal shower invite etiquette. They build their proper wording and invitation around bridal shower themes. They create a poem or acrostic to place on the invite that includes all of the pertinent details of the day’s event in a fun and playful way. They hand write their invites and even opt to include directions that encourage guests to purchase a themed gift for a wishing well, or other personalized bridal shower gifts. Also, in order to ensure a prompt thank you card to mail out to your guests, many brides to be place envelopes and pens on each table for guests to fill out their name and address. After the shower, the bride simply writes a thank you note and places it in the appropriate envelope to mail out. This is a unique and time saving method!

Be sure to follow some guidelines when it comes to proper bridal shower invitation etiquette before your special day arrives!

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