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Purple Calla Lily Wedding Bouquets – Which Flowers To Add?

By March 7, 2013July 4th, 2018No Comments

Calla Lily Wedding Bouquets Calla lily wedding bouquets are perfect to carry for spring and summer weddings. If you want to add other flowers into these fresh but sophisticated bouquets, which flowers will complement these lilies? Read on to learn about a few suggestions when it comes to making wedding bouquets with purple calla lilies.

For spring weddings, calla lilies seem to be a traditional staple with brides, much like an orchid wedding bouquet. These elegant flowers work wonderfully with a white bridal gown. Why not pair them together? Many brides to be are carrying purple calla lily wedding bouquets and adding a few white orchids to complement them. This allows bridesmaid bouquets to mimic this light and bright but modernly chic bouquet, as they carry a smaller version of yours down the aisle.

You can also get a calla lily wedding cake created to tie together your flower theme. Many cake makers will incorporate a few key flowers from your bouquet into your cake’s design or place a few flowers on top of the cake, or scattered throughout the layers. The purple flowers add a subtle splash of soft color against the traditional white frosting. a way to win new offers by Hollister

Purple calla lily wedding bouquets are also popular to carry for summer ceremonies. Consider pairing them with large branches of green tinted or light pink hydrangeas. These easy to find and fabulously affordable flowers add some texture and shape to the long lilies. Plus, the green and pink tones are contrasting yet complementary flowers to the main purple hue of the bouquet. They will also be easy for bridesmaids to carry because they are neutral tones and will not clash with the color your select for your bridesmaids’ gowns. You may also wish to add some posh white peonies to give the bouquet some softness, shape, and chicness. Any extra white flowers will be a great addition to the bouquet if your groom wears a crisp all white suit!

Purple calla lily flowers are most commonly carried during spring and summer seasons, but sometimes can be seen in fall bouquets. If you are choosing to incorporate these long and lovely flowers into a hearty, colorful fall bouquet, pair them with some rust colored mums, some soft green foliage like fern leaves, or even some burnt orange roses; as the two tones will look unusual but harmonious.

When it comes to carrying purple calla lily wedding bouquets at your upcoming wedding, you have many options depending on the time of year your ceremony and reception is taking place.

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