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Royal Blue Wedding Shoes – Add a Royal Vibe To Your Wedding!

By November 8, 2012No Comments

Royal Blue Wedding ShoesRoyal blue wedding shoes sets a royal vibe for your wedding! One of the hottest trends with brides to be is flashing a pop of color underneath wedding gowns to make a statement or match bridesmaid dresses. Read on to learn how you can embrace royal blue wedding shoes for your upcoming wedding!

If your bridesmaids wear royal blue bridesmaid dresses, you can wear these deep blue shoes too! They will remain covered during the ceremony but will be seen as you are dancing during g the reception or flash them for fun, for photographs. Many brides who opt to wear royal blue wedding shoes wear them in the form of stiletto heels with a sparky embellishment on them like a buckle or feather. Some of the most popular brands brides embrace are Manolo Blanhnik, Badgley and Mischka, and Louboutins. While they are quite costly, brides justify this splurge because they can wear the blue shoes for wedding for other special events, or place them in display boxes to always view their beautiful blue wedding shoes!

If you are having a destination wedding, you can even wear royal or tiffany blue wedding shoes to complement the ocean view and keep your feet comfortable and cool in the soft sand. Coloriffics wedding shoes can be purchased in the form of heels, flats, and flip flops. Most of their shoes are able to be dyed the shade of blue you desire so you can embrace the colorful shoe trend, even if tying the knot on the beach!

Add dark blue wedding shoes to your wedding day look by purchasing colorful, sparkly wedding shoes with your short or staggered length wedding gown. Perfect for an afternoon wedding; shiny blue wedding shoes will catch the sun’s light and sparkle and shine throughout the ceremony. Bridesmaids can also embrace these shiny blue shoes by wearing them with their short or tea length dresses.

Dark blue wedding shoes are also appropriate and regal looking when incorporated into fall wedding. The royal blue tone mixes perfectly with other jewel tones for fall, and will complement and enhance fall décor like orange pumpkins, rust colored mums, and red and yellow falling leaves.

Royal blue wedding shoes can be incorporated into your wedding day look in a variety of ways to help create a royal vibe to your wedding!

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