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Sapphire Vs Midnight Blue Shoes For Wedding – Designer Trends

By November 4, 2012May 8th, 2018No Comments

Blue Shoes For WeddingBlue shoes for wedding? Definitely a faux pas, right? Wrong! Now more than ever modern brides are turning their noses up at white, ivory, beige, and even silver shoes and are opting to provide a pop of color (and hope for some good luck) underneath their wedding gowns. Read on to learn why some brides are wearing blue shoes for wedding and how sapphire blue compares to midnight blue with brides who are opting to embrace this modern designer wedding trend.

If you have heard the saying, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”, you can understand why brides to be want to work something into their wedding attire that reflects this old wives’ tale. Not only is following this saying considered lucky, it can also be stylish. Brides across the country are swooping up Manolo Blahnik wedding shoes featured in light and dark blue to stylishly incorporate their something blue into their wedding day ensemble.

Sapphire blue color is most popular with brides who are tying the knot in summer and fall months. It’s fresh, jewel toned, and super sassy. These light blue wedding shoes can only be seen when the bride chooses to expose them, walks down the aisle, or dances at the reception. They are most popularly being worn with a kitten heel to provide a little lift but comfort as well. Brides are also flocking toward jewel design elements and embellishments on these blue shoes for wedding. A sparkly buckle or rhinestone kitten heels are some ways that a little sparkle gets incorporated into the design of the sapphire shoes.

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Midnight blue color is most popular with brides who are tying the knot in winter and spring months. There is something fresh, yet chilling about these dark blue shoes for wedding. Not only will they add some life and color to wedding gowns, they will accent and complement midnight blue bridesmaid dresses as well, which are also most popularly worn during winter and spring seasons. Brides are opting for design elements such as a stiletto heel or a delicate bow, or even a feather embellishment on these dark blue shoes.

While these blue shoes for wedding may be considered a major investment item, depending on the designer that the bride purchases them from, they do not go to waste. Many brides proudly wear their designer wedding shoes to future formal events, like weddings of their friends, galas, anniversary dinners, or other formal affairs. Some brides choose to preserve them by placing them in a display case to always view fondly. Either way, wearing sapphire blue or midnight blue shoes for wedding is definitely a do if you want to follow the hottest designer trends in wedding fashion!

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