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Second Marriage Wedding Dresses – Short or Long?


Second Marriage Wedding DressesWedding is a joyous occasion no matter whether it’s first, second or third time around. Picking second marriage wedding dresses is just as important and needs to be taken seriously. The choice of short or long second marriage wedding dresses lies entirely on you. There are no strict rules concerning the selection of wedding dresses for second marriage. On the other hand, some second time brides simply do not want a headache and expenses of buying a formal wedding gown and prefer a more casual and flirty dress to match the occasion.

Traditionally white is definitely out when planning a second wedding. There are many wonderful second marriage wedding dresses to be found at any bridal shop. These include Vera Wang wedding dresses. While Vera is known for her magnificent formal wedding gowns, she also has many informal wedding dresses to choose from.

Whether to choose a short or long wedding dress will entirely depend on how large the wedding will be. If the bride and groom are planning a more intimate wedding, the bride may choose a shorter dress, maybe even tea length. Second marriage wedding dresses do not need to be old and dreary; they can be just as beautiful and elegant yet without a lot of the pomp and circumstance that may have accompanied the first wedding.

There are many wedding dresses for older brides to choose from. Whatever they choose, they want something that is age appropriate. If the bride is getting married later in her 40s and 50s, she will probably not want a dress that is much above her knee. If she does not want a formal gown, she can choose something of the tea length variety.

If the happy couple has decided on a more formal wedding, the bride may choose to go with a longer wedding dress. She may do this without breaking the bank. There are many gorgeous second marriage wedding dresses that can be just as beautiful without as much fuss. In addition to choosing a longer dress, she may want to choose a dress with some color. Some brides are even choosing black wedding dresses these days. The bottom line is that it is a special day and the bride needs to find the perfect dress that will suit her personality and how she envisions her wedding day.

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