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[vc_cta h2=”Processing” h2_use_theme_fonts=”yes” txt_align=”center” shape=”square” use_custom_fonts_h2=”true”]It normally takes 3-7 business days (usually ~3) to process your order. Please note that holidays & weekends are not included.[/vc_cta]
[vc_cta h2=”Shipping” h2_use_theme_fonts=”yes” txt_align=”center” shape=”square” use_custom_fonts_h2=”true”]Shipment takes between approximately 3 to 30 business days to reach destination countries. Most orders arrive within 2,5 weeks.[/vc_cta]
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Shipment to The Door

At Wedding Web Corner, our top priority is to make sure that the shipping and delivery of your purchased items get processed as soon as possible. Typically, you should expect to receive your order in 7-30 business days from the date that it was placed. It may take 3 to 7 business days to process and ship out your order.

Currently, all our orders get processed from international warehouses outside of the United States, so please plan your purchase accordingly. Kindly refer to our Shipping and Delivery table for estimated delivery timeframes for your specific region.

Please note that shipping and delivery may take longer than expected in case of an invalid shipping address as provided by you at the time of placing the order, customs clearing procedures, force majeure or other unpredictable issues. If you have not received your purchased order within the estimated shipping and delivery times as provided in the table below, please contact us at

FREE or $3.95 Shipping Rates

For a limited time only, we are offering a FREE standard worldwide shipping on all orders over $50 USD. Orders under $50 USD incur a flat shipping rate of $3.95.

Wedding Web Corner may occasionally introduce special and limited time offers and promotions with items at extremely low prices that have an extra shipping cost added to them. In such cases, your flat rate shipping cost will be displayed on the promotional item’s page and your shopping cart at checkout once you add your item(s) to it.

Expedited shipping options are also available upon request. Please contact us via or the Contact Us form if you need rushed shipping, to request a custom quote.

If you are placing a bulk order, we would be pleased to offer you a discount. Please contact us for more information.

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Shipping and Delivery Estimates By Region/Country

REGION COUNTRY Standard Shipping (FREE unless special promo)
Shipping Time(Business Days)
North America United States 7-20
Canada 10-25
Mexico 15-25
Europe United Kingdom, France, Germany 7-15
Italy, Austria 7-15
Andorra, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark,

Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands,

Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden

Russia 10-20
Other European countries 15-40
Oceania Australia 10-25
New Zealand 10-25
Middle EAST United Arab Emirates 30-90
Other Middle East Countries 30-90
ASIAN Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore 7-15
Other Asian Countries 7-15
Worldwide Other Countries 30-90
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International Shipping and Delivery, Duties & Taxes

As a standard practice, nearly all shipments crossing international borders are subject to the assessment of customs duties and taxes. Depending on your order’s final destination and the size, value and contents of your shipment, you may be charged these additional sales, custom, VAT or GST fees on exported goods. The shipping and delivery time and associated costs may also increase as a result although we will do our best to keep the declared package value low as to help reduce those fees.

[vc_message]These fees are imposed by the government of the importing country. In some countries, all duties and taxes must be paid before the goods are released from customs. As these fees are imposed by the government and not us, Wedding Web Corner is not responsible for any of these additional costs. You, the customer, will be required to pay them, if applicable.[/vc_message]

A VAT (Value added Tax) is a general consumption tax applicable to the value added to goods and services. In some countries, such as Canada, Australia, Singapore, and New Zealand, this tax is known as GST or the goods and services tax. Every member state of the European Union (EU) has a VAT.

Due to separate and applicable tax jurisdictions of your country, please contact your government office with any further questions. We also strongly encourage you to maintain a good standing with respect to all duties and taxes, if applicable.