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Short Black Bridesmaid Dresses – 10 Best Ideas To Spice Them Up!

By February 3, 2013No Comments

Short Black Bridesmaid DressesWhen you think of short black bridesmaid dresses, do you think, “Been there done that?” If so, read on to learn about 10 ideas to spice up these little black numbers for your upcoming special day.

1. Add a contrasting color to a basic short black dress instead of wearing it in one solid tone. Add a pop of red in the form of a sash, a floral embellishment, shoes, or even opt for a two piece design on black and red bridesmaid dresses to spice up short black bridesmaid dresses. Adding red in either bright or deep tones is one of the most fashionable ideas since this color made a huge come back into the fashion world in 2013.

2. Find short black dresses that are full of lace. Lace bridesmaid dresses give instant texture and are totally chic. Lace can even be featured on black junior bridesmaid dresses since it is a classy and elegant material.

3. Incorporate a pop of pink if wearing short black bridesmaid gowns. It will give an unexpected pop of feminine color and can easily be added to the overall look in the form of a stylish sash.

4. Black and white bridesmaid dresses are always a great alternative to a simple and basic black dress. They add depth and can even make bridesmaid appear taller and thinner by wearing white on top and black on bottom.

5. Short black bridesmaid dresses can be spiced up with pockets. Perfect for casual spring or summer weddings, pockets are a popular embellishment and look completely carefree. This is one of the most practical ideas since these dresses

6. Consider having your bridesmaids wear black short gowns with subtle floral etching incorporated into the dress’ design. The design will be noticed in sunlight or event lighting and is an easy way to make the unique and less traditional.

7. Get creative with straps on short black bridesmaid gowns. Asymmetric styles are immensely popular and can be embellished with crystals and flowers.

8. Opt for bridesmaids to wear basic black gowns that boast an illusion neckline. They will create a vintage look and feel and will fit perfectly in with a vintage theme.

9. Select a short black dress that has delicate draping incorporated throughout the dress’ design. It is perfect for plus sized bridesmaids and will create a light and airy look and feel.

10. Add a bow! Nothing will spice up the little black dress like a lady like bow on the bust or back of the dress.

Short black bridesmaid dresses are anything but boring! Follow these 10 creative ideas to help you avoid the, “Been there done that” feeling.

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