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Short Bridesmaid Dresses With Boots – For Which Wedding Themes?


Short Bridesmaid DressesYou have spirit, personality, and a humorous wit. You adore short bridesmaid dresses and wedding gowns that are anything but traditional. You also can’t get the image of you walking down an aisle out of your head and you think formal receptions are stuffy and pretentious. If this sounds like you, read on to learn how you can dress your bridesmaids in short bridesmaid dresses and boots for a casual and fun filled theme for you wedding day.

Backyard weddings have become extremely popular over the past year. Due to economic restraints, the eco-chic movement, or vintage making a comeback; many brides to be are digging the simple and personal touch of a backyard, cowboy theme, or ranch setting.

Because high stiletto heels tend to get stuck in grass, many brides are opting to pair their girls’ dresses with boots. Browsing the web, looking at blog posts, and searching for wedding themes in magazines can give you ideas as to how to pair short bridesmaid dresses with boots.

One blog that highlights this theme is “A Home Grown Wedding.” The bride to be found pictures of green bridesmaid dresses with short hemlines paired with the classic brown cowboy boots with low heels-perfect for an outdoor wedding or a western theme. The wedding of this blog owner did take place in a rural town in Idaho, but creative brides to be can make this western theme their own, no matter their zip code.

Another website that features images of short dresses paired with boots is Youa Photography. Short black bridesmaid dresses are paired with either brown or red low heeled boots in an outdoor section. Rural brides who live on farms would love this look because it will show off a country personality.

The Event Divas also showcases short purple bridesmaid dresses paired with custom made brown and purple-pink embellished boots. The wedding, taking place on a farm; showed consistency with the outdoor theme but added an element of personal style and sophistication.

Bend the Light Photography also features images of a bridal party that embraces a ranch style wedding. The bridesmaids are dressed in short, pink bridesmaid dresses and are wearing light and dark brown cowboy boots.

With the right setting, attention to fine details, and just plain old fun in mind, pairing short bridesmaid dresses with boots can surely be a success.

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