Short Informal Wedding Dresses – 5 Mistakes To Avoid!


Informal Wedding DressesWhen choosing a wedding dress, traditionally most brides choose a floor length affair, usually with a train. This is not as common these days. Many brides are choosing to go with more informal wedding dresses especially if they are planning one of the island destination weddings that are becoming very popular recently. Just as with any dress, if the bride wants a shorter dress she will need to try on several in order to find the perfect dress. There are things to consider when choosing informal wedding dresses. Listed below are five mistakes that you will want to avoid.

1. Do not get a tattoo on your legs or ankles, especially if it’s getting close to the wedding. If you already have a tattoo, ask a makeup artist how to camouflage it in order to look more feminine on your wedding day.

2. Avoid any activities that may scratch or bruise your legs just before your wedding. This means no rock climbing or any other sports that will cut or bruise.

3. Do not wear miniskirts. This is especially true if you are looking at plus size wedding dresses. Rather than the real short wedding dresses, you may want to consider tea length wedding dresses. You want something that will flatter your figure, not draw attention to any problem areas. Also, if you are wearing garters, make sure these are not showing – it does not look classy.

4. If you are looking at knee length wedding dresses do not wear boots with them. Find a pair of pumps or bridal sandals to go with the dress.

5. If wearing a short informal wedding dress, do not go tanning right before the wedding. This goes for sun bathing as well. You don’t want to be uncomfortable and red on your special day.

Second marriage wedding dresses were usually made short because the more formal traditional dresses were considered virginal and strictly for first weddings. Informal wedding dresses are much more popular these days because many brides are opting not to go for the huge formal affair.

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