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Short One Shoulder Bridesmaid Dresses With Flower Detail Trends

By February 2, 2013No Comments

For some bridesmaids, the shorter the better! Short, one shoulder bridesmaid dresses are a huge hit with sassy and non-traditional bridesmaids. One of the most popular embellishments worn on these short bridesmaid dresses are floral details. Read on to learn about the trendiest ways to wear one shoulder bridesmaid dresses with flower detail trends.

If you are getting married during summer months, consider having your bridesmaids wear floral bridesmaid dresses. Oversized and colorful flower prints are all the rage in the fashion world thanks to the huge revival of vintage fashion. These modernly antiquated short gowns will look cute and chic in collaboration with the sights and sounds of summer. Pick out a gown that boasts a pastel print or a soft yellow hue to be in vogue with the most popular colors of the season.

For spring time brides, consider having your bridesmaid group wear short, one shoulder peach bridesmaid dresses that have layers of flower appliques on the shoulder strap. Consider an A-line silhouette so the dresses will flatter a variety of body types. The embellished strap will also draw the eye upward, putting attention on a small upper body.

If your wedding is planned during fall months, you can incorporate short, one shoulder bridesmaid dresses with floral features. Select a gown in a rich shade like eggplant purple, topaz, or emerald green. Opt for a short gown in this style that boasts flower embellishments toward the hemline of the dress. Choosing a tea length hemline is also most appropriate for fall weddings. You can also have bridesmaids wear bridal hair flowers on barrettes and pony tail clasps to incorporate this hot floral trend in wedding day ‘dos as well.

Winter brides should consider selecting one shoulder gowns that have flower features on the sash of the gown. It is perfect if your bridesmaids want to show off their curves and tiny waist or simply create one!

Short, one shoulder bridesmaid dresses with a single strap can be worn during any season. Try wearing a flower embellishment in one of the ways described in order to be in style and up to date with how to wear the latest trends.

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