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Silk Backless Wedding Dress With Bow – Style Winner or Wrecker?

By November 12, 2012November 15th, 2012No Comments

backless wedding dressA backless wedding dress makes a statement in itself. When you add a bow accent to it, is it still a style winner, or does it become a style wrecker? Read on to determine how you feel about embellishing your backside with a bow; and how it can look chic and even vintage when worn on certain styles, colors, and silhouettes of gowns.

First, if you are wearing a backless wedding dress, be sure that you select the most flattering style for your body type. If your back is less than toned, you may want to consider a back cut out option instead. For full figured ladies designers suggest special bridal undergarments worn underneath to provide perfect support and smooth fitting of your dress. Ask your bridal assistant at the wedding retail store to suggest appropriate undergarments and bras.

Next, select your silky dress style and silhouette. If you want to wear a backless wedding dress with bow accents, opt for sweetheart mermaid wedding dresses. The heart shaped neckline looks ultra-feminine, and so does the fit and flare shape of the dress. Popular in the past with vintage brides; they also wore a bow on a backless feature. If you decide to wear a backless wedding dress of this style, be sure to keep the embellishment moderately sized. If the bow is too small, it can enlarge the look of your bottom half. If it is too large, it can look silly and tacky. These decor elements were also popularly featured on vintage wedding gowns, so if the entire look works for you, you may consider having a vintage style theme throughout your wedding party. Grooms and groomsmen can wear a grey or white suit for men, and bridesmaids can wear light and lace dresses, also embellished with elegant decor accents.

One kind of dress that will not look complementary with a backless style bow is empire waist wedding dresses. These dresses are loose, layered, and drape the body. They are usually very plain or embellished with some light embroidery or sparkles near the bust line. Adding a bow to this style of backless dress will take away from the main design elements of the gown, and look out of place. Avoid adding a bow to an empire waist dress at all costs!

A satin backless wedding dress can look beautiful and chic when adorned with a bow, but be sure to follow some of the tips and guidelines above to ensure a fabulously flattering fit and look.

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