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Silk Tulle Drop Veil With Comb – 5 Hairstyles That Work

By December 22, 2012No Comments

Drop VeilA silk tulle drop veil is very elegant and chic, and is extremely popular among modern brides to be. This mid length veil is also hot with Hollywood, as top starlets are tying the knot boasting these beautiful and simple veils. Much like a bubble veil, there are only a few hairstyles that work with these face covering and framing veils. Read on to learn about the 5 hairdos for weddings that can complement a silk tulle drop veil design.

1. If you have short hair, you are lucky because you can wear any type of veil-especially a cage veil! To wear a drop veil with your pixie style short hair, it is all about the comb size to slip into your scalp. Choose a drop style veil that has very small combs, as larger combs will show through your short locks and will not get a grasp on your strands, easily slipping out!

2. If you have long hair, there are many wedding hairstyles for long hair down. Have your stylist give you loose and textured waves. The comb on the drop style veil will be larger and able to sustain a tousled do. The texture of the curls will also show through the sheer, body hugging silk veil.

3. Try a tight and sculpted bun. Instead of pinning your bun up high or at the nape of your neck, pin it in the middle of the back of your head, allowing ample space to push in the drop style veil’s comb slightly above the bun. The silk tulle drop veil will fall forward with ease on your face and cover your body elegantly.

4. Hair pulled half up and curled will also look complementary with a drop length veil. The veil can be clipped in up high and can fall down toward the body, as the curled, loose strands do.

5. If you have short, medium length, or long hair, this hair style will work for you. Simply pull the front few strands together and place them on the top of your scalp. Be sure to tease the tresses, giving them volume and a place to slip in the comb holding the veil. The silk tulle veil will also look voluminous as it sits up high on your head and gracefully falls downward toward your middle.

If you love the look of the drop veil, you are not alone. Celebrities like Molly Simms, Avril Lavigne, and Jennifer Aniston wore them on their wedding day recently or in the past and have each worn their hair in one of the ways described above. Be sure you try one of these winning hairstyles if you too plan to wear a drop length veil.

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