South African Honeymoon – Top 10 Adventurous Ideas!


South African HoneymoonSouth Africa is one of the top most romantic honeymoon destinations for many newly married couples. Nowhere in the world but in South Africa can couples experience nature in its primal forms, still untouched by civilization. Powdery sand beaches, breathtaking safari trips and exciting adventures are awaiting you here around every corner. Listed below you will find top 10 ideas for your next South African honeymoon.

1. African style wedding is a perfect event to include during your South African honeymoon. Whether you want to have a small beach front wedding or an exotic safari celebration, African wedding will be long remembered by you and your spouse.

2. Safari is the number one activity included almost in all exotic honeymoon destinations packages. During safari trips you will be able to spot South African famous animals, including rhinos, elephants, leopards, lions and buffalos.

3. During your South African honeymoon your list of things to see must include golfing at Leopard Creek course. Golfing in South Africa allows you to play while watching incredible native to South Africa animals like giraffes and wildebeests.

4. Bungee jumping in South Africa might not be everyone’s dream but it’s a great thing to do during your South African honeymoon if you are an adventurous type.

5. Shark diving is perhaps one of the most extreme things to do during your South African honeymoon. However, if you are an adrenaline junkie, this activity is certainly for you. Shark diving is carried out with the help of cages to keep you safe while you and your sweetheart marvel at being so close to ferocious and incredible Great White sharks of South Africa.

6. Whale watching is one of many exciting activities that couples can embark on. When planning your South African honeymoon, take into account that the most active whale watching season runs from July to November along the southern tip of South Africa.

7. Surrounded by two Oceans, Atlantic and Indian, South Africa offers world’s greatest surfing. Surfing in South Africa is advised only for experienced surfers, though, due to serious swells especially along the Atlantic Ocean.

8. Wine sampling is one of couples’ favorite activities after a busy day exploring the natural wonders of South Africa. South Africa boasts producing some of the most delectable wines in the world. You can book one of many wine sampling field trips right in Cape Town. Nederberg in Paarl winery is a must to visit and sample their wines along with local cheeses and olives.

9. Watch an Ostrich riding show or ride an Ostrich if you dare. There are so many ostrich farms scattered across South Africa allowing honeymooners to witness or even experience one of the most incredible activities to try during your honeymoon.

10. Swimming with penguins is a real treat that couples can enjoy near a beach in Cape Town. South African penguins are not shy and will approach you and can even sit on your beach towels.

South Africa is among many unique honeymoon destinations that are worth visiting.
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