Strapless Bridal Undergarments – Pros And Cons!


Bridal UndergarmentsWhen shopping for your bridal trousseau, your bridal undergarments are almost as important as the dress itself! As soon as you have purchased your dress, you will need to begin shopping for your bridal undergarments such as the bridal corset. When purchasing a dress, you will want to decide if you should wear strapless undergarments or undergarments with straps. Here we will discuss the pros and cons of going without straps.

Pros of wearing strapless bridal undergarments:

These formfitting undergarments will give you a lot of support and accentuate your natural shape.
These work wonderfully for strapless dresses or even off the shoulder dresses.
They accentuate your shoulders which can be important if they are going to be shown off in your dress and will add to the beautiful look with an elegant pair of bridal gloves.
Strapless undergarments can be used on any occasion with a summer dress or strapless evening dress.
Strapless bridal undergarments will look sexy with matching wedding garters.

Cons of wearing strapless bridal undergarments:
If they are not properly fit, the bride will find herself continuously pulling up on her bra and dress so that there is no wardrobe malfunction.
Depending on what type of clothing the bride is used to, she just may feel a bit exposed with something that shows off more skin.
Many times these undergarments are so tight that the bride will end up with “back fat” or “armpit fat” which will not make the bride feel as beautiful as she should.

As you can see the pros outweigh the cons, but the preference is entirely up to the bride and what makes her feel beautiful on her special day. The bridal undergarments are just as important as picking out the perfect winter wedding shoes or any other accessory for her wedding attire.

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