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Strapless Trumpet Style Wedding Dresses – 10 Chic But Cheap Ideas

By November 17, 2012No Comments

trumpet style wedding dressesTrumpet style wedding dresses showcase the body’s curves and swerves. They are considered to be the must have dress of brides across the nation. While they are very beautiful, these strapless wedding dresses can be very expensive. Read on to learn how you can get your hands on trumpet style wedding dresses by following these 10 chic but cheap ideas for your upcoming wedding.

1. Also known as mermaid wedding dresses, trumpet silhouette dresses are usually worn strapless, tight, and lace embellished. You are not only paying for this chic statement, but the extensive material used to create these long and lavish dresses. Try wearing a less popular style, like a halter neckline. Believe it or not, you will save hundreds of dollars by wearing a less sought after style and set a new trend by bringing back the halter look.

2. Splurge on the dress, but save on the shoes! If you have an apparel budget, spend most of it on your form fitting gown, and wear cheap ivory satin wedding shoes. The dress will cover the shoes anyway, so select something cute, comfortable, and cost efficient on your feet.

3. Select a trumpet style wedding gown in a backless style. A backless wedding dress uses less material than other trumpet style wedding dresses, so you will end up saving a hundred dollars or so, on the design.

4. Select a very plain, satin trumpet style gown, and take it to your favorite seamstress to embellish it with your favorite sparkly stunners. They can sew on sequins; attach rhinestones, and even floral appliques. You get to decide where they should be placed, and you can save hundreds of dollars!

5. Select a trumpet silhouette gown that is marked down in a big way, and a few sizes larger. You can save tons of money with the mark down, and spend a small sum on alterations. This is a must if you are talented and can do the alterations on your own, or have a friend or family member that can do them for free!

6. Wear trumpet style wedding dresses that are featured in color. These are also less popular with traditional brides to be, so they are less expensive. If you are a playful, creative soul; then you are in luck!

7. Choose a trumpet style silhouette dress in a less expensive fabric. Some major bridal retailers feature these gowns in a jersey cotton material, which is hundreds of dollars less than lace, satin, or even chiffon; and are perfect to wear for a beach wedding.

8. Add sleeves. Many trumpet silhouette gowns are featured in lace sleeves, which mean a more expensive price tag. Purchase a sleeveless gown that you love, and attach lace sleeves on your own, or by taking your gown to an affordable tailor.

9. Opt for a short dress. Shorter trumpet silhouettes are less expensive. They still hug your hips and flare out; they just have a knee length hemline, rather than an ankle length hemline. Again, less material means less money!

10. Choose a non-designer label. You can still get a quality made and gorgeous gown if you cannot afford Vera Wang, Prada, and Armani.

Trumpet style wedding dresses are expensive, but by following the 10 tips above, you can get your hands on a gorgeous gown for less.

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