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Stylish Semi Casual Groom Attire Ideas For For Outdoor Wedding

By December 11, 2012No Comments

Casual Groom AttireIf you are planning an outdoor wedding, you can also consider semi casual groom attire ideas. When it comes to dressing a groom and groomsmen for the big day, there are ways to make mens wedding attire stand out, look unique, but remain casual and comfortable. Read on to learn about some stylish semi casual groom attire ideas for an outdoor wedding.

Put a modern spin on traditional mens linen suits. These light and airy suits are usually featured in white or ivory tones. Why not add some casual color to these comfortable suits? Baby blue, mint green, and even petal pink are interesting but not overwhelming color selections and complement an outdoor wedding ceremony and venue during summer months.

You can also wear casual groom attire that complements outdoor wedding decorations. If your outdoor ceremony is taking place during fall months, consider wearing a camel color wool suit with orange or topaz accents. If your outdoor wedding is taking place on the beach, you can wear a textured, light weight ivory suit to reflect the movement of the ocean and beach elements. If your wedding is taking place during the spring time and your outdoor venue is filled with twinkling lights and festive eggs and flowers, consider wearing a whimsical pin striped suit to enhance the wedding’s theme of color and print, and playfulness.

Play up holidays! If your big day falls on or in between popular spring, summer, or fall holidays, dress the part. Nothing is more fun, casual, or patriotic than wearing a navy blue light weight suit paired with a white button down shirt and a cherry red tie for the Fourth of July or Memorial Day.

You may also wish to be completely untraditional but casual by recreating the outfit worn on shared special occasions, like the first time you met each other, your first date, or another special milestone; by tying the knot in that exact (or a similar) outfit. It is a romantic gesture that will put you at ease throughout the ceremony and reception because you both will be dresses as the people you truly are and recognize on a daily basis!

Semi casual groom attire does not need to be simple or boring. It can be innovative, colorful, printed, and even meaningful for your special day for your stylish semi casual outdoor wedding.

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