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Sunflower vs Mustard Yellow Bridesmaid Dresses With Gray Suits

By November 6, 2012No Comments

Yellow Bridesmaid DressesNothing is currently hotter in the wedding world than pairing yellow bridesmaid dresses with gray suits for groomsmen. They look fresh, bright, delightful, and classy. Read on to decide if you should ask your bridesmaids to wear sunflower yellow or mustard yellow up against your groomsmen’s gray wedding suits.

Sunflower yellow tones make the ultimate spring and summer bridesmaid dresses. When worn short and strapless, you can guarantee a traditional bridesmaid look that will light up any ceremony or reception venue, especially when paired with a light grey suit. Just like basic black or creamy beige tones, light grey serves as a neutral for any pairing color. It is lighter and more interesting than black and off-sets the bride’s white or ivory dress better than off-white or cream colored toned suits.

Sunflower yellow tones paired with light grey suits looks especially chic for outdoor weddings at a golf course, in a country setting, or even for a beach wedding. The tone is light and bright for early afternoon weddings and is a great choice if you prefer a more casual and carefree look and feel on your wedding day.

Sunflower yellow bridesmaid dresses are also easy to pair with strands of pearls, clear crystal gems, and a strappy sandal; while light gray suits will also look amazing with a sunflower yellow pocket handkerchief, tie, or boutonniere.

Mustard yellow tones make the ultimate late summer and fall bridesmaid dresses. When worn long and fitted, the tone of the dress looks rich and striking. One shoulder bridesmaid dresses featured in this strong tone also look stylish and chic, especially when paired with stone gray suits worn by the groomsmen. A stone gray suit enhances the mustard yellow tone of the bridesmaids’ dresses better than a light grey toned suit, due to its darker undertones.

Mustard yellow bridesmaid dresses will look amazing when worn for a fall outdoor wedding in a woodland setting, or during a candle-lit ceremony held later in the evening during the end of summer. It will also appear elegant and chic for formal church ceremonies and fancy reception venues while next to stone gray suits.

Try pairing mustard yellow tones with a basic black heel and a black rhinestone statement necklace or bracelet to enhance this framing and dramatic color scheme.

Choosing yellow bridesmaid dresses, whether worn in the form of sunflower yellow or mustard yellow will look stunning and on trend with various shades of grey suits. Be sure to take your wedding ceremony and reception venue, as well as the season of your wedding into consideration before choosing one of these two striking tones.

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