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Table Flower Arrangements – Which Size To Choose?

By July 14, 2011July 4th, 2019No Comments

Table Flower ArrangementsTable flower arrangements at a wedding add an incredible splash of color to each table and help bring all the wedding colors and themes together for a unique effect. Based on the plethora of wedding table decoration ideas, it’s never easy to pick what type or size of table flower arrangements to choose.

Before you decide which size of table flower arrangements to pick, let’s take a look at the basic types of flowers that are usually included in wedding floral décor. Wedding florists recognize three main categories of table flowers, namely, focal, line and filler flowers. Focal flowers are usually really large and bright flowers that add drama and set mood for a specific table arrangement, these flowers are usually more expensive so they are used sparingly. Line flowers dictate the height and width of your floral table décor, while the filler flowers help add bulk to floral arrangements.

In addition, it’s imperative to decide which type of table décor container you wish to have at your tables. Your wedding themes and colors and season should give you a main idea what to pick. Also, decide on what floral arrangement style you would like to have, including romantic, elegant, dazzling or simple.

Many wedding florists recommend you pick seasonal flowers for your table flower arrangements. For example legal outsourcing, if you are celebrating the union of your love in the fall, consider including autumn wedding flowers like dahlias, ornamental cabbage, antique hydrangeas, calla lilies in rich fall hues and even some fruits like crab apples. Seasonal flowers included in wedding aisle decorations help create great memories and look amazing on wedding pictures.

Finally, the size for your table flower arrangements also depends on your budget limitations. Usually, sticking to simpler smaller size table flower arrangements allows you to save money to splurge elsewhere like on your honeymoon.

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